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We help tech, creative, and socially-responsible businesses get modern, on-brand, high-converting websites that are easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to maintain, and are accessible for visitors with disabilities. All this even if you've had past bad experiences with developers or agencies.

We do this through website design and development, website maintenance, asset design and creation, and content publishing.

If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your online presence is polished and professional, seeing better results from your website, and having more free time because you don't have to maintain and update it, get in touch!

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Paul Garcia
👋 Hi, I'm Paul. Owner and founder
of Frontera Digital.


Partnership with the team at Project 6

  • Created an app for the National Council On Aging to allow people to find state-sponsored health care.
  • Use a content service so the client can just focus on adding and updating content.
  • Create a solution that's easy to use for people with disabilities or who rely on assistive technologies.
My Care My Choice


Partnership with Robby Djendrono of Djendrono Design

  • Created a complete rebrand and redesign.
  • Create a brand new block-based WordPress site that highlights the clients newest products.
  • Build an accessible, fast, modern WordPress solution that's easy for the client to update.
Vidatak product page


Partnership with the team at HKW

  • Created an engaging survey and product suggestion tool with animations and interactive elements.
  • Create custom WordPress blocks to display the dynamic content.
  • Build a WordPress native solution that used a popular, well-supported form plugin.
ITRenew Workload Explorer


Partnership with the team at HKW

  • Created a complete rebrand and redesign.
  • Provide a more modern design, cleaner content layout, and simpler navigation.
  • Build a custom editing experience that made it easy for the staff to build beautiful pages that are always on brand.
CELDF blog post
Paul was a great find and quickly became our top go-to developer. As long as you don’t give him so much work that he doesn’t have time for us, he gets my highest recommendation.
Chris Handsel, Principal Solutions Consulting
Chris Handsel

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