• People talking in coworking space

    How Knowing Your Audience Leads to More Sales

    You’re a professional. You know your product or service inside out. Right? But how well do you know the people you sell to? Their deepest fears, desires, hopes, and dreams? Do you know the emotional reasons they buy? Do you know what they actually buy? A couple of classic marketing quotes will help illustrate my point: Elmer […]

  • Man wearing a suit

    What Luxury Clothing Can Teach You About Your Website

    After college, when I learned to dress well, I was shocked at the impression clothing made on people. At how many comments it gets when done well. At first, it made me uncomfortable; I wasn’t used to standing out. But I couldn’t ignore the effect it had on people. The assumptions they made about me. […]

  • Man presenting on a laptop

    Focus on This to Get More Sales From Your Website

    A friend of mine recently spoke at a seminar about websites as a tool for business growth. But before he could speak about the solution, he had to overcome the shared objection in the audience. That websites don’t work. You see, almost everyone at the seminar already had a website. And their websites weren’t helping […]