Even Experts Fail at Marketing, Why Knowledge isn’t Enough

Man giving presentation to small audience

Back in the pre-Internet days, business was secretive. People tried to prevent others from learning too much about how their business worked. They carefully guarded their processes and procedures. Their trade secrets. But things are shifting. Business building is done in public now. Being an authority, and thought leader is the new game. What it … Read more

Shady or Trustworthy—Which One Describes Your Marketing?

Two men looking into a car trunk

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Imagine this scenario: You sign on to Linkedin. The little red message notification badge lights up. Someone wants to talk to you. You get that hit of dopamine. You suddenly feel important. You open the messenger and see it’s from someone you don’t remember connecting … Read more

Why Leading With Empathy is a Great Business Strategy

Two people holding hands

Starting a business is risky, uncertain, uncomfortable, and sometimes scary. So self-management is part of the entrepreneurial journey. Learning to deal with discomfort, risk, and uncertainty is critical for an entrepreneur. We knew this going in. As entrepreneurs, we show up and take responsibility for ourselves. We set our own schedule We prioritize our own … Read more

How Knowing Your Audience Leads to More Sales

People talking in coworking space

You’re a professional. You know your product or service inside out. Right? But how well do you know the people you sell to? Their deepest fears, desires, hopes, and dreams? Do you know the emotional reasons they buy? Do you know what they actually buy? A couple of classic marketing quotes will help illustrate my point: Elmer … Read more

What Luxury Clothing Can Teach You About Your Website

Man wearing a suit

After college, when I learned to dress well, I was shocked at the impression clothing made on people. At how many comments it gets when done well. At first, it made me uncomfortable; I wasn’t used to standing out. But I couldn’t ignore the effect it had on people. The assumptions they made about me. … Read more