Four Important Marketing Goals Your Website Pages Can Help Achieve

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Writing website content is a common roadblock. It causes delays. Website owners don’t know what to write. If you’ve ever been in this position it’s totally understandable. You’re probably not a professional writer or marketer. You’re busy running your business. For those who have no idea where to start; most business and marketing website pages … Read more

The Secret to a Resilient, Uncancellable Online Business

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If you want a reliable way to grow your business that’s not dependent on the whims of another company, you might be making a critical mistake without even realizing it. People are getting canceled. Websites are being wiped from search results. Social media accounts are being closed or suspended. Sometimes people lose their ability to … Read more

Why You Need a Content Plan for a Successful Website

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If content is going to be part of your marketing strategy, you need to chart your path well in advance. Way before you write a single word. Publishing regular content, that your visitors actually want to read, works way better than publishing random inconsistent content. It’s helpful when there’s a method to the madness! So … Read more

Six Content Types Every Successful Business Website Needs

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To be effective your website needs to be simple, clear, and easy to navigate. That means every page needs to have a clear purpose. Remember, your website is primarily a communication tool. The online salesman for your business. So every piece of content should support that purpose. Your content doesn’t need to be exhaustive, and it … Read more

Steal This Strategy for Repeat Business and Free Promotion

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Whether you know it or not, you’re probably loyal to a brand or two. Brands you continuously buy no matter what. You probably buy from them despite other options, and lower prices offered by their competition. Those things don’t matter to you because you buy your favorite brands for emotional reasons. Brand loyalty is the dedication … Read more