• Five people planning on a kanban board

    Four Important Marketing Goals Your Website Pages Can Help Achieve

    Writing website content is a common roadblock. It causes delays. Website owners don’t know what to write. If you’ve ever been in this position it’s totally understandable. You’re probably not a professional writer or marketer. You’re busy running your business. For those who have no idea where to start; most business and marketing website pages […]

  • Man Pushing Giant Boulder

    The Secret to a Resilient, Uncancellable Online Business

    If you want a reliable way to grow your business that’s not dependent on the whims of another company, you might be making a critical mistake without even realizing it. People are getting canceled. Websites are being wiped from search results. Social media accounts are being closed or suspended. Sometimes people lose their ability to […]

  • Two men planning with post-it notes

    Why You Need a Content Plan for a Successful Website

    If content is going to be part of your marketing strategy, you need to chart your path well in advance. Way before you write a single word. Publishing regular content, that your visitors actually want to read, works way better than publishing random inconsistent content. It’s helpful when there’s a method to the madness! So […]

  • Hand writing a list

    Six Content Types Every Successful Business Website Needs

    To be effective your website needs to be simple, clear, and easy to navigate. That means every page needs to have a clear purpose. Remember, your website is primarily a communication tool. The online salesman for your business. So every piece of content should support that purpose. Your content doesn’t need to be exhaustive, and it […]

  • Man and woman at checkout counter

    Steal This Strategy for Repeat Business and Free Promotion

    Whether you know it or not, you’re probably loyal to a brand or two. Brands you continuously buy no matter what. You probably buy from them despite other options, and lower prices offered by their competition. Those things don’t matter to you because you buy your favorite brands for emotional reasons. Brand loyalty is the dedication […]

  • Woman shopping in a retail store

    Your Website is Valuable Internet Real Estate, Stop Wasting it and do This Instead

    Think about the last time you went into a retail store. Every square foot of the store, besides the aisles, was probably being used to sell something. Every shelf was stacked with products or advertisements Every end-cap was packed from top to bottom Every checkout lane was full of drinks, snacks, and electronics They used […]

  • Man giving presentation to small audience

    Even Experts Fail at Marketing, Why Knowledge isn’t Enough

    Back in the pre-Internet days, business was secretive. People tried to prevent others from learning too much about how their business worked. They carefully guarded their processes and procedures. Their trade secrets. But things are shifting. Business building is done in public now. Being an authority, and thought leader is the new game. What it […]

  • Two men looking into a car trunk

    Shady or Trustworthy—Which One Describes Your Marketing?

    People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Imagine this scenario: You sign on to Linkedin. The little red message notification badge lights up. Someone wants to talk to you. You get that hit of dopamine. You suddenly feel important. You open the messenger and see it’s from someone you don’t remember connecting […]

  • Two people holding hands

    Why Leading With Empathy is a Great Business Strategy

    Starting a business is risky, uncertain, uncomfortable, and sometimes scary. So self-management is part of the entrepreneurial journey. Learning to deal with discomfort, risk, and uncertainty is critical for an entrepreneur. We knew this going in. As entrepreneurs, we show up and take responsibility for ourselves. We set our own schedule We prioritize our own […]

  • Man giving presentation

    How to Optimize Your Website for Leads and Sales—These 5 Easy Ways

    To get more leads and sales from your website, you can’t just haphazardly throw it out there and expect it to work. You need a plan. Every page—every piece of content—needs a specific reason for being. They need to support the goal of your website. The copy, design, and visuals should guide the visitor to […]